Bachelor's in Germany

Learn and develop perspective on subjects specific to your chosen field of study and chart your future path in the heart of Europe, Germany, where talent meets recognition. 

What makes Germany a popular study destination for bachelor’s programs?
flightAccess to the right resources and technology

Being a leading force in innovation and technology, German universities offer students top notch facilities and support to achieve excellence.

flightEnriching academic experience

Germany boasts a high-quality education system that is complemented by globally recognized degrees and world-class faculties. 

flightAffordable education

Many public universities in Germany have no tuition fees and minimal semester charges, ensuring accessibility for all students.

flightFulfilling life experience

Germany's renowned education system and globally admired culture significantly shape your personality and provide invaluable life experiences.

flightGlobal collaboration opportunities

Studying in Germany enables students to connect and network with global researchers, industry leaders, and high-profile entrepreneurs.

flightOpen doors to incredible employment opportunities

A German university bachelor's degree holds significant worldwide value, attracting reputed international career prospects and collaborations.

Top universities in Germany for bachelor’s programs

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Common eligibility criteria for getting admission for a Bachelor’s program in Germany

A secondary education certificate which is typically equivalent to a German Abitur


TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE exam scores to evaluate English language proficiency (for some programs)


TestDaF or DSH test scores for German language proficiency (for applying to courses taught in the German language)


Assessment Test for Foreign Students (FSP) exam score for certain engineering or science programs

Opportunities available to bachelor’s students in Germany after graduation
flightEngineer, Software Developer

Average starting salary around €45,000 - €55,000 per year

flightHealthcare Manager, Pharmaceutical

Average starting salary around €35,000 - €45,000 per year

flightIT Professional, Systems Analyst

Average starting salary around €40,000 - €55,000 per year

flightResearch Assistant, Laboratory Technician

Average starting salary around €30,000 - €45,000 per year

flightAccountant, Financial Analyst

Average starting salary around €55,000 - €90,000 per year

flightJunior Doctor, Medical Research Assistant

Average starting salary around €30,000 - €50,000 per year

flightArchitecture Designer / Planner, Construction Manager

Average starting salary around €40,000 - €55,000 per year

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