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Increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream university with an inspiring SOP, strong resume, and timely managed admission process.

Get a dedicated expert to complete your admission process systematically


Improved chance for converting dream universities through our experts's advice.


On-time submission of multiple university applications.


Easy access to university delegates for resolving doubts and addressing concerns.


Focused time for exam preparations without worrying about application management.

9 out of 10 applicants at EduOptions are accepted into one of their top three university choices.

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Helping you bring your best self to the application process

Application Creation

We help you write an inspiring SOP demonstrating your commitment to studying abroad, build a strong resume highlighting your potential, and prepare you to ace your admission interviews.


Our team helps you organise and submit documents in the right order, format, and on time for multiple university applications.

Application management

We ensure a timely and consistent follow-up of your application, monitor progress and important announcements, and find application fee waivers wherever possible to reduce costs.

Our happy and thriving students sharing their experience with EduOptions
Mustafa Ariwala

University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Germany


The EduOptions team put in countless hours of research and efforts to help me shortlist the best universities as per my preferences and course options. I can’t thank and recommend them enough to all the study abroad aspirants!

Atharv Jadhav

University of Kingston, United Kingdom


I’m grateful for the invaluable assistance EduOptions provided me which helped me secure admission into the UK’s top-tier university. Their guidance and support was instrumental in helping me navigate through the complexities of the application process!

Danish Khan

Berlin School of Business & Innovation, Germany


EduOptions is highly recommended to anyone who wants to study abroad. They made my move to Germany easier by assisting me throughout from applying to the right universities to completing the application process, and getting my visa on time.


Take care of the nitty-gritties of your application with our streamlined process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does EduOptions help with multiple university applications with different requirements?

Yes, we help you complete and manage multiple university applications with different guidelines and requirements.

Yes, we help you complete and manage multiple university applications with different guidelines and requirements.

Generally, we provide you with a tried and tested template to write effective SOPs and CVs. Our experts review them and help you craft them as perfectly as possible. We also offer expert SOP writing from scratch as an additional service.

Yes, we can put you in touch with the university delegates, professors, or the past EduOptions students through email or a Zoom call, wherever required. For most questions, we directly contact the universities and clear your doubts.

You can book a free 1:1 counseling session with us, where our experts help you shortlist suitable universities per your goals and preferences.

You can call our team at 9029014822 and share your specific requirements with them.

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