Make your study abroad journey financially secure
Financial Guidance

Make your study abroad journey financially secure

Streamline all your finance-related needs through our network of reliable loan providers and discover scholarships and other financial aid.

Get access to a trustworthy network to make wise financial decisions


Avoid common financial mistakes like incurring unnecessary fees or overpaying tuition fees.


Discover lesser-known discount offers (some institutes offer 5-15% upfront expense discount).


Prevent delays or unintentional errors in arranging or processing funds.


Complete all the finance-related activities in the right way to avoid visa rejections or delay.

90% of EduOptions' students complete their loan process within one month.

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Helping you navigate the financial activities involved in the study abroad process

Access to reliable loan providers

We help you connect with our trustworthy network of financial agents to cover expenses like tuition fees, living expenses, and such.

Discover financial aids

We help you find and apply to the best scholarship schemes supporting your chosen course and university to overcome any financial constraints.

Financial guidance in the new country

Our support extends to you even after you reach your new country to help you open mandatory bank accounts and manage funds. 

Complete all your financial activities with the right guidance and references.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which banks are you affiliated with for providing loans?

Some of our trusted student loan partners include HDFC Credila, Auxillo, Avanse, SBI Student Loan, ICICI, and such. We try to ensure that all of our students get best loan terms with least interest rates.

The student doesn't have to deal with the agents alone. One of our team members connects the student with loan agents and assists students with any help they need regarding documentation or other aspects of this process.

We help you navigate this and many other such barriers through our network and expertise and help you experience a smooth loan process.

We do not guarantee, but we give the best scholarship assistance to every student who completes their study abroad process with us. As a result of our assistance, one out of three students at EduOptions get a scholarship.

The time period to get the loan approved may range from 7 to 10 days.

It’s free of cost and we try to ensure that students get best loan terms with least interest rates.

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