Pre Departure Guidance for Study Abroad
Travel and Pre-Departure Arrangements

Let’s make your home to campus transition effortless!

Travel from your home to the new country comfortably by booking flight tickets, planning itinerary, and arranging pickup in advance with us.

Get a hands-on support to plan your entire journey to the new country


Seamless support to manage your travel, itinerary, and arrival in the new country.


Smooth transition into a new environment without any last-minute chaos.


Committed support from our team to settle down in the new country.


Focused and thorough guidance for navigating the pre-departure phase.

Our travel agents offer up to 30% discounts on major airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet, and Air India.

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Helping you reach your new home conveniently

Best deals and discounts on flight tickets through our travel partners

Itinerary planning from home-to-campus

Pick-up services at your destination

Contacts for finding accommodation in the new country 

Guidance on how to settle in the new country

Take a perfect start to your dream destination with a comfortable travel with EduOptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I opt for this service if I need help with only booking tickets?

Yes, you can opt for any individual activity listed under this service page.

The home to campus itinerary takes care of all the touchpoints from ticket booking, travel insurance to pick up and drop off from home/airports to airports/university campus/accommodation.

The service is available for planning travel to any country.

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